Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where the story begins...

The revolution of Camera that i've been using...~stakat yg ingat je lah..haha
1) Hewlett-Packard compact 35mm Focus Free Camera (not for individual sale one) ~this is a very² basic, point & shoot film camera with no flash, no battery, all manual :)

2) Kodak EasyShare M753(r.i.p) ~My very 1st Digital Camera that i bought years ago time blaja kt Kuantan. Its a 7.0MP 3x optical zoom with MP4 video capture capable..Very sadly dah hilang sbb kena curi. Really² sad about it...its a long story though

3) Canon PowerShot S3 IS ~ Its the cooolest digital compact camera i've ever use. Although its just 6.0MP, this gadget captured alot of cool, great, awesome moments of my life & others...

4) Nikon FM10 ~ The Single Lens Reflex yang diamanahkan by my Dad (thanx Baba!). Kit Lens nye dah xde, but now using Vivitar Wide Angle 28mm lens & Micro Nikkor 55mm.really² awesome & susah jugak nk pakai SLR ni. Even hardly use sbb malas nk bli/cuci film ni.hehe but its a great tool for learning real Photography though. another best thing bout it is, its a Full Frame camera! haha :) (dlm pic tu blah kanan ye yg gold boody, kiri tu Nikon F & dah x bole dipakai..)

5) Canon EOS 350D a.k.a Rebel XT a.k.a Kiss n Digital ~ the one & only Digital Single Lens Reflex that i've been using until now. With only 8MP, Digic II, LCD kecik(1.8" jek) & 18-55mm kit lens, its enough for me to capture awesomeness photos of People, Cats, Landscape etc²...


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